Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review: Pop Manga Coloring Book

As you can probably tell from the cover image, "Pop Manga Coloring Book" contains beautiful, surreal sketches of manga girls, the majority of them wrapped up in nature in one way or form (tentacles, animal friends, fantastical hats, etc), and a few of them having rather soulful, sometimes creepy eyes. The large coloring book has a nice, flat lay to it. The pages have a good thickness for coloring (although they're so detailed, pencils may be more appropriate than markers - prepare to spend a lot of detailed work and time one these drawings). Personally, I did not care for the addition of a small creature that pops up frequently with tips. The creature got in the way of some of the drawings, and the tips spoke to me like I was a child who didn't know red from green, pencil from pen. I'll admit, though, that the idea was cute and very fitting for manga.

*I received this book from BloggingforBooks. All opinions are my own.

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