Monday, July 30, 2018

Review: The Edge of Over There

Shawn Smucker still hops around a lot in point of view and tense, but the author's creativity and overall writing style have improved vastly since the first book in this series. One thing is for sure... I'm hooked. Although I would recommend readers get the first book in order to fully understand the events of "The Edge of Over There." There are a few surprises straight out of Genesis in this young adult Christian novel that sets up a world between earth and heaven. Young Abra finds herself with the responsibility of keeping each Tree of Life from growing and reach the hands of mankind. The mythology of this series doesn't necessarily fit neatly in with what the Bible tells us about the afterlife, but the story and characters are very intriguing. I couldn't put the book down and can't wait to see where the characters go next!

*Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.