Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fiction Review: Open

I love David Gregory's choice to make a coffee-table, short story novel. I'm sure the simplicity of his writing style and his direct aim to connect the Bible with modern-day dilemmas will attract beginners in the Christian faith. Personally, however, I found his writing a bit too simple and his story a bit lacking in depth. Connecting Emma's breakup with Scripture seemed like a bit of a stretch, and her own ignorance of the Bible was realistic but bothersome. I longed for thought-provoking conversation and insight, but instead, when Jesus invites Emma to witness the events of the Gospels, the reader gets what he or she has read before in the Bible. All this is not to say I dismiss the book entirely. I enjoy the concept, and there are a few moments to connect with, but I do not care much for Gregory's non-descriptive writing and think the story is more written for the inquiring mind than the more mature (but still growing) believer.

*Disclaimer: I received this book from Tyndale. All opinions are my own.

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