Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Soundtrack Review: The Adventures of TinTin

This is the first of many coming reviews of movie scores and soundtracks. The reviews will be short and to the point, but, hopefully, helpful.

The Adventures of TinTin by John Williams

I'm rating this on what I heard in the actual film because I did not like the music enough to buy the score.

This is the most disappointing John Williams score ever written. I love John Williams. He usually creates such beautiful, lush themes, even for adventure films like Indiana Jones. In my opinion, Indiana Jones and Star Wars suffered from clashing tones that were appropriate for action scenes in the films but not too pleasant to listen to. The main themes that were so catchy and wonderful saved the music to those films, however. But that did not happen with TinTin. There are themes in TinTin, but they are lost in the incidental music, which also has a ton of clashing tones. The music works for the film, but is boring to listen to (and kind of gives me a headache).