Monday, July 14, 2014

Christian Nonfiction Review: 10:10 Life to the Fullest

I was surprisingly drawn in by Daniel Hill's "10:10 Life to the Fullest." Hill writes that living out John 10:10's "life to the full" requires a 3-D faith, that is a faith where we recognize and act in spite of our fears, a faith where we have an intimate relationship with Jesus, and a faith where we listen for God's voice, vision and mission.

Hill has some great insights, with great background facts and new ideas. I appreciate his idea that "mission" does not have to mean overseas missions, but can be just looking for people to develop relationships with. I still have a hard time with this, though. I don't feel built for the exhausting work that is socializing and debating. And Hill really only gives one or two pointers that feel practical. He does not offer much in the way of actual steps to take.

His look at fear, intimacy and mission is a great read that I want to go back to some day. But for someone like me who is not super emotional, Hill makes it all look too easy, something that I know it's not.

I also worry that his more personal view of mission needs more clarification to stress the importance of doctrine, so as to avoid a "God is love" everything goes theology. Having read a few other reviews of the book on Amazon, I see there may be more errors along this line, doctrinal and interpretation errors, that I did not notice.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review of it.

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