Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Punderdome - A Card Game

I love puns. I love games like Apples to Apples. Combining the two sounded like a fun idea. But I think I'll stick with my spur of the moment puns - they're more fun. I've seen mixed reviews for the Punderdome game, so maybe there are people good enough at puns to make this game work, but my dad is pretty amazing at coming up with puns, and this game just did not work for him. The game includes topic cards that you're supposed to pick two of and use to create a pun in 90 seconds. Then the judge picks a winning pun for each round. It all sounds good, but coming up with puns using the topics is just plain difficult. On the bright side, there are some puntastic jokes on the back of each card.

*Disclaimer: I received this game in exchange for my honest review.

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