Saturday, May 23, 2015

Review: John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography

John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography has a lot of information for very beginning photographers - details on aperture, ISO, etc - and a lot of information for advanced photographers - i.e. for those with a lot of money to spend or with big brains for mathematics. However, as someone who has a basic knowledge of how a DSLR camera works, I took very little away from this book. The small bits of advice on the digital part of photography were not very explanatory and would really need a book of their own. The remainder of the book was too advanced for me. I had a very difficult time following Shaw's advice. He uses a lot of jargon and his explanations would likely make more sense with video or in-person examples (which could have been an option in this day in age - there's a little thing known as a QR Code). I did manage to read the entirety of the book, but, again, I took very little away and left with more questions than answers. I did appreciate Shaw's detailed captions for his photos that gave all the camera settings. But the book's organization was not effective and, again, the book was difficult to understand. I would have liked to have seen more advice for those of us without a big budget.

*Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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