Saturday, August 16, 2014

Christian Nonfiction Review: Created for Influence - Dynamic Women of the Bible

I rarely review a book without finishing it, yet this past month or so I somehow requested two books in a row that ended up being difficult to finish. They weren't entirely bad books. I just had better books to be reading that I could actually get something from. Even the recently reviewed "Quick Start Guide to the Whole Bible," which was a rather boring book because I knew what was in it ... even that book I was able to finish without feeling I had lost time. So here's the deal on the two books I was unable to finish:

Created for Influence by William L. Ford III

I was hoping for a good read on how to better influence the people around you for Christ, but this turned out to be more about prayer. I understand the author's urgent plea for believers to have stronger faiths and pray more often for anything and everything, but the book seemed repetitious and, at times, more supernatural than what I'm used to. In fact, the further I read and the more I looked into the author's background, the more I saw a Charismatic influence on the book's content. And since I am not Charismatic, it just did not seem for me. I read about half the book and then set it aside to read more intriguing books.

Dynamic Women of the Bible by Ruth A. Tucker

I wouldn't say this book is poorly written. But author Ruth A. Tucker seems to read into the stories of the women of the Bible, adding details that might be better suited for fiction retellings. Each chapter basically retells the story of one or two women of the Bible. But the retellings don't include much if any commentary. The questions at the end of each chapter are not thought-provoking. Overall, I just think you'd be better off reading the original stories than this dull (but easy) read.

*Disclaimer: I received these books for free in exchange for my honest review of them.

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