Sunday, April 13, 2014

Review: Crash the Chatterbox

Steven Furtick offers plenty of tweetable quotes in his book "Crash the Chatterbox." Seriously, every chapter ends with a quote and the hashtag #crashthechatterbox. But there are hundreds more for the reader to pick out on her own - and they're great quotes too. This book is full of incredible advice. Now, I know I'll have a hard time implementing or remembering any of it, as that's the way I am, but this is a book I want to read more than once, and it is full of my underlines and stars and so on.

I greatly appreciated Furtick's take on the negative chatterbox in our lives. Some authors will be so concerned with their motivational speaking, they'll forget to add the disclaimer - that we're still sinners and we still  need to recognize our sin. Furtrick does a wonderful job of encouraging readers, while reminding them that our freedom and happiness can only come from our gratitude for and acceptance of God's gifts, particularly the gift of salvation. Before we were ever born, before we ever sin, God chose us and made the opportunity for our salvation. Nothing we can do o n our part can save us. But God can replace our negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and he can use us for His good purposes.

There's so much more to be covered that I can't write in one review. You'll just have to read the book for yourself. "Crash the Chatterbox" is a wonderful read for anyone struggling with self-confidence or negative thoughts. Everyone needs to read this book at some point in their life.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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