Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Raised?

"Raised? Finding Jesus and Doubting the Resurrection" by Jonathan K. Dodson and Brad Watson is basically a Bible tract expanded to fit a small book. While I appreciated a few historical facts at the beginning of the book, I had a difficult time reading the rest. The authors encourage skepticism so readers can move on to solid, reasonable faith. However, in the process of explaining the resurrection and its significance, the authors pretty much bored me with what I already knew. I suppose skeptics with an open mind may find this book a good read, but hard skeptics will laugh at it and the rest of us Christians will skim read because we already know all this stuff. I was hoping for a book that would give me more to defend my faith with, but it didn't really do that for me.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review of it.

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