Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont

Review: I don't even know how to summarize the point of this book — that's how bad it is in my mind. Unless you learn from stories, and stories, and lots more stories... in fact, nothing but stories, then maybe you'll get something out of Clairmont's cluttered, unorganized life stories. And maybe you enjoy the two (rather pointless) chapters on how great poetry and reading books are. But I don't see what any of these things have to do with stained glass hearts (aside from the end of chapter reflections and suggestions and maybe one chapter or two).

I expected a book on redemption and finding beauty in the broken pieces, but the majority of the book didn't really deal with that. I was left so bored that when I got to the chapter on books (where Clairmont gave the reader permission to stop reading a book that didn't catch the reader's attention in the first 50 pages), I stopped reading and started skimming... which quickly led to reading the first and last sentence of paragraphs... which led to skipping to the end of chapters... which led to being glad I was finally done with this book.

Maybe if you're a Patsy Clairmont fan or a Women of Faith attendee you'll enjoy this book. But I consider it shallow spiritual growth if this is all you can learn from. My advice: Read a book that gets deeper into Scripture, or read Scripture, and skip this book entirely.

Summary (from Book Sneeze): Much like stained glass, life's broken pieces become the prism through which God's grace shines most brightly and beautifully.

"Life is no doubt full of difficulties, but it is also filled with promise and possibility," says best-selling author and WOF speaker Patsy Clairmont. In Stained Glass Hearts Clairmont guides readers to view the  difficult experiences of life through the lens of God's grace. Using art as a theme, and likening people to stained glass windows, she shares that it's when we're surrounded by darkness that His healing light shines most brightly within us. Encouraging women to step back and see life from this new perspective, Patsy offers help and hope for the dark places of life.

Along with character studies of women in Scripture, and modern-day, relatable stories, each chapter includes:

Chalice—memorable quotes
Mosaic—recommended music
Spires—scriptures and readings
Litany—sample prayers

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