Friday, October 7, 2011

Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

Summary: Franklin Graham and Donna Lee Toney have put together a book of quotes from the famous reverend Billy Graham. The quotes are about 3-8 sentences long and are organized by topic. And there are a lot of topics (this a long list, you might want to skip ahead to the review): Abortion, Addiction, Age, America, Angels, Anger, Anxiety, the Bible, the Blood, Character, Children, Choice, Christianity, Church, Comfort, Commitment, Compromise, Conforming, Conscience, Conversion, Convictions, Creation, the Cross, Death, Deception, Decision, Satan, Disappointment, Discipleship, Discipline, Encouragement, End Times, Eternity, Evangelism, Evil, Faith, Family, Followers, Forgiveness, Glorifying God, God, God's Will, the Gospel, Grace, Greed, Grief, Happiness, the Heart, Heaven, Hell, Holiness, the Holy Spirit, Home, Hope, Human Nature, Imagination, Entertainment, Fun, Influence, Integrity, Jesus, Joy, Judgment, Knowledge, Life, Living the Christian Life, Loneliness, Love, Lust, Marriage, Money, Morals, Parents, Patience, Peace, People, Persecution, Pleasure, Prayer, Preaching, Pride, Race, Religion, Repentence, Resurrection, Right and Wrong, Salvation, Service, Sin, Society, Soul, Speech, Strength, Success, Suffering, Surrender, Temptation, Testimony, Thankfulness, Time, Truth, War, Witnessing, the Word of God, Work, the World, World Evangelism, Worry, Worship, and Young People.

Review: The thing I like about Billy Graham is that he is both popular and convicting. Like "feel good" pastors such as Joel Osteen, he inspires (and has a HUGE following), but unlike Joel Osteen, he preaches the hard truths. He's not all about making you feel good, but he is about making you live good. I do miss the full sermons, and feel like I could get more out of full books and sermons, but a book of quotes preserves Graham's legacy. And this book of quotes contains quotes well chosen that both inspire and convict. It's a long book, so it's best read a little bit at a time or used as a reference book. But its length is what allows it to address so many important issues. There's something for everyone to relate to.

* Disclaimer: I received this book for free from in exchange for my honest review.

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