Monday, March 7, 2016

Review: Journey to Jesus DVD Study

While the "Journey to Jesus" DVD Group Study focuses on understanding and building a road to Islam, it also makes an interesting Bible study, since it includes examinations of important, basic Christian doctrines in its extra materials. Although, those extra materials may be a bit much for outside homework for some study groups. The study sessions, themselves, vary in length, including both mini-dramas and presentations with slides that last anywhere from two to eleven minutes. The slides are also somewhat distorted in proportion (they're a bit squished, but easily readable). Leader guides and study questions (for both the slides and the dramas) make it easy to customize for an individual study group. Video sessions and extra materials cover everything from cultural considerations to history lessons and very basic beginner defenses of true Christianity. Mini-dramas show work, home and school relationships, with tolerable actors and script. Overall, this video study is an informative starting point, even though it leaves much of reality to the participant's own trials and errors.

*Disclaimer: I received this study for free in exchange for my honest review.

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