Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review: NIV Proclamation Bible

For a Bible that claims to focus on making it easier to teach and proclaim God's Word, the NIV Proclamation Bible does not offer much. Book introductions are short and not at all unique. The essays at the beginning of the Bible are good reads about interpreting the Bible correctly, but would save space if expanded and put into their own book. I would much rather have shorter versions of these essays with practical examples throughout the text. Or perhaps the Bible could include sections that point out creeds and basic doctrines. Instead we get the typical concordance and cross references of select words. The one original element I found worthwhile was the inclusion of pointers to parallel passages. Such tools are easier to use online (ex: Also, I remain suspicious due to the inclusion of what appear to be several Catholic contributors/editors, although I found nothing of negative note in the sixty or seventy pages of essays.

*Disclaimer: I received this Bible in exchange for my honest review.

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