Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nonfiction Review: Exploring Christian Theology Volume One

I previously read volume three of "Exploring Christian Theology" on the Church and the End Times. While Scripture and the Triune God are not quite as interesting and layered of topics, it is the completely unique format of these volumes that makes them worth reading and keeping on the shelf for later. You're not just getting a systematic theology (there is some of that), but also great (sometimes difficult to understand) quotes from church fathers and modern leaders, a historical perspective, a practical perspective and more. For Volume One, I do wish there had been more room for defense of the reliability of Scripture, but I did appreciate some new insights on passages that point to Scripture's divine inspiration. I also appreciated that the half on the Trinity focused on God's character in addition to the Trinity's reality within the Bible.

*I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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