Friday, September 5, 2014

Film Review: The Identical

The celebrity actors (Seth Green, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano) do not add much to "The Identical," and the title character does not become his title until an hour into the film. Still, it's better than typical Christian film fair with so-so acting and likable characters. The conclusion meets most expectations, but focuses more on redeemed relationships rather than the main character's rise to fame or personal faith. The Elvis Presley influence comes across as somewhat laughable, with unrealistic musical numbers, but both catchy and moving songs.

It's satisfying family entertainment, similar to most made-for-TV Hallmark-type films. Not boring, but a bit slow, finding its worth in its heart. Fans of "When the Game Stands Stall," "Amazing Grace" and other faith-inspired films will thoroughly enjoy.

The story follows twin brothers separated at birth, one set apart for God and the other destined to follow the path of the troubled celebrity. Neither knows the other exists, but when their musical talents cross paths in unexpected ways, it sets one brother on an inspiring and hopeful path.

The Identical is now playing in theatres.

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