Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Cloak of the Light

"Cloak of the Light," the first novel in Chuck Black's War of the Realms series is a great young adult Christian fantasy that leaves the faithful reader wanting much more after an appropriate, but cliff hanger conclusion.

The story follows Drew Carter after an accident leaves him with heightened "superhero" senses and the ability to see light and dark "invaders" fighting to influence the world. But that does not happen until about 70 pages into the book.

The first 70 pages or so are spent on Drew's time in high school and history with a father who died in the Army. The characters and premise are enough to keep you reading if you have patience to get through these early chapters, which seem to come straight out of every predictable high school sob story. Black could have easily incorporated Drew's back story into the rest of the book and kept those readers who will likely give up after a few pages of high school drama.

Black's writing style itself is fine. Nothing special. Very straight forward without much description to make it interesting. An easy read. Black's own experience as a fighter pilot does influence his choice to name every kind of gun present in the novel - needless details most of the time.

I read through this book very quickly and enjoyed it for the most part, despite its quirky cons and non-descriptive writing style. It's a good Christian fantasy that comes with a reader's guide exploring spiritual warfare in a tasteful way. Any Christian who loves young adult novels should enjoy "Cloak of Light." I hope to read its sequels soon.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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