Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Revolve 2010 Biblezine

I spent my teenage years as the weirdo loner, too mature for her age and never fitting in. Thus, I can't speak with complete authority when I review and criticize Revolve 2010 for its focus on teenage issues that I never fully dealt with: boys, boys, and more boys.... and little bit of looks. Really, that's all Revolve 2010 looks at, and while I can't completely relate to all of its contents, I can certainly tell that its "sharp look and relevant articles" for teen girls doesn't go nearly as deep or be quite as honest as it could.

This "Biblezine" does include the New Testament with colorful headers and interesting asides, but, unfortunately, most of the "articles" included are mindless dribble, content any Christian girl should find obvious, and content that doesn't fit the Bible verses that parallel them.

On the bright side (and the colors in this magazine are bright), the general design and content probably do appeal to most teenage girls. A few elements similar to blogs and Facebook give the magazine a touch of creativity. Most of the content, however, would be better off in its own book, rather than next to New Testament text. The magazine promises to reveal the relevance of God’s Word to teens, but the majority of articles do not come straight out of Scripture, and, remembering the mature teenager I was, I would prefer a magazine that delves deeper into the text, not one that talks solely on boys.

The magazine also uses a lot of space promoting Revolve books, events, and products instead of focusing on Scripture. Another note: some of the text message passages are more puzzles than they are creative and fun ways to make Scripture relevant.

Plus, the cover given as a preview promises an article on "Caught in a Sin Spiral" that I was really looking forward to. The copy I received had a different cover and had no such article.

I received a free copy of this book from http://booksneeze.com/ in exchange for my honest review of it.

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