Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: “Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God.”

Sheila Walsh is an incredible speaker and writer who never fails to give her audience a glimpse of her heart and a glimpse of the heart of God. Sometimes, however, a glimpse is all you get.

Readers will catch several glimpse of both Sheila’s and God’s heart in Walsh’s latest book, “Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God.” While the book contains plenty of deep, Biblical insights, it doesn’t flow well, and readers can find much of its content in Walsh’s previous books.

Walsh uses her own testimony and the stories of several people in the Bible to teach readers about courage, beauty, waiting on God, crying out to God, trusting God, and realizing God has a plan for your life. Her words don’t really begin to resonate until half way through the book, however, and even then, the lessons don’t stick unless you make an effort to study a chapter a day and put the chapters into practice. All the lessons she teaches have deep truths, but don’t seem to connect to one another.

Walsh begins and closes with the example of how much more fun swinging can be when someone you trust is pushing you, but she doesn’t fully utilize the metaphor throughout the book, and some of her best content does not come until the end.

Walsh’s best content, like her closing chapter on the parts of life that will unexpectedly transform into jewels and gold in heaven, doesn’t entirely fit into the book’s theme and would better suit a book of its own. Walsh’s testimonies seem scarce and scattered, as well, and would resonate more if gathered into one book.

Overall, however, “Beautiful Things” is beautiful. Despite its flaws, the book offers plenty of wisdom if one makes an effort to digest and apply the trust in God that Walsh encourages.

P.S. This book is aimed at women, but would have just as much applicability to men.

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