Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review: Sheila Walsh's Let Go


“Let go. Let God.” The famous saying populates the church, but what does it really mean? Sheila Walsh attempts to answer this question in her new book Let Go. She covers the various things in life we need to let go of in order to embrace God’s grace and blessings: prejudice, anxiety, forgiveness of self and others, self-hatred, past wounds, fear, and lack of purpose. Walsh leads readers into a deeper understanding of key issues including trust in God, finding deliverance, accepting yourself and others, hope, and realizing you are loved.

This book could go by several different names. True, Walsh covers deep issues, but her points are varied and unorganized. Her book does not flow as well as her previous books. Chapters cover intriguing topics that Walsh manages to slap together with the “let go” theme at the end of every chapter. These topics are certainly applicable to every woman’s life, but they are also issues that have been covered in plenty of other books. The themes of Let Go do not coincide with the typical meaning of “let go, let God” saying, either. Walsh’s book has no real focus. She could have pulled things together much better if she had just focused on how to let go in hard circumstances and trials, and let God take control.

Let Go does include reader’s materials such as quotes at the beginning of chapters and prayers and questions at the end of chapters. Walsh also starts each chapter off with an applicable story. Her chapters, although lacking in organization and unity, do touch hearts with their touching stories and Biblical examples. Let Go could let go of some of its contents and add more contents that would unify the book, but, in the end, it manages to make itself a worthwhile read.

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