Sunday, August 16, 2009

Review: A Man of His Word

Description of Book:
Betrayed by the one man Moriah Miller thought she could trust for the rest of her life, she must face a future of loneliness. Her husband, Levi, has left her for the Yankees (non-Amish), and when he refuses to return despite knowledge of Moriah’s pregnancy, she can only wonder what might have motivated him to stay away. Will she ever trust anyone again? Especially Levi’s brother, Gabriel, who has secretly loved Moriah for years. Moriah's heart will only be safe with A Man of His Word. Meanwhile, Moriah’s brother, Tobias, struggles with his feelings for local tomboy, Rachel. Do opposites really attract?

You know that feeling you get when you know two characters would get together or when characters could solve a problem if only they were honest with each other, if only one person knew what the other knew? Well, that's how I felt as I read Kathleen Fuller's Christian romance A Man of His Word. I suppose that's the deal with most romances. You could just "kill" the characters for not doing or understanding what seems so obvious to you. You scream and shout out of frustration, but you put up with it because you know everything will comes together in the end; and you actually get enjoyment from the suspense. Who knew frustration could be a good thing?

And that frustration gets even better with detailed descriptions, lovable characters, and clever plots. Fuller successfully weaves two beautifully written story lines together, switching between plots to add to the suspense. As characters grow through their hard circumstances, readers become attached to them and the lovely world of the Amish, one not too different from the readers’ own world. I’ve often wondered why Amish novels are so “hot” on the market right now, but if all Amish novels are this lovely (and I’ve read a few that aren’t), it’s no wonder they’re popular. I can only complain about the ugly cover of A Man of His Word. It cannot reflect the beautiful, addicting, and wonderfully written contents that await every reader that picks up A Man of His Word.

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