Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fiction Review: The Reluctant Duchess

Readers will certainly enjoy Roseanna M. White's first "Ladies of the Manor" book, "The Lost Heiress," but I highly recommend that they quickly move on to the followup, "Reluctant Duchess." While "Heiress" had elements of suspense, love and redemption, those devices are increased doubly in "Duchess." Here we have the captivating story of Rowena Kinnaird, who escapes one "forceful" man by agreeing to marry another. Brice Myerston has his work cut out for him, however, as he struggles to earn Rowena's trust, prove he is a true and worthy gentleman, help Rowena to deal with the negative self-image her family has left her, and all the while protect his new bride from murderous plots and "cursed" jewels. White conquers subjects of rape, parent-child relationships, abuse, pride, forgiveness and redemption. Some readers may be skeptical when Brice claims to hear from God or Rowena chooses to believe in more active supernatural activities, others may dislike that White waits until more than 50 pages in to begin using different characters' points of view (the author also skips ahead in her timeline once or twice), but White's skill at creating a great story will win any reader's heart.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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