Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christian Fiction Review: Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

"Until the Dawn" was my first Elizabeth Camden novel, and I do believe I have a new favorite author. Camden does a lovely job of developing a story and a relationship without any of that nonsense immediate attraction. Heroine Sophie and love interest Quentin clash at first in both religion and outlook. As Sophie's optimism and strong faith begin to bring Quentin out of his depression, Sophie also looks back at past relationships and learns that marriage is a partnership. The leading lady has had her share of tragedy, and Camden references a time when Sophie spent a week crying her heart out and years looking for counseling from her pastor. But we mostly see the outgoing, positive side of Sophie who sets a great example in her composed answer to conflict. It was very interesting to read how various events and conversations led Quentin out of his atheistic point of view. Both Sophie and Quentin have a strong regard for science, but Sophie also believes in something more, as evidenced by the "blessed" land Quentin's family owns. Here is where the actual plot comes into play. Quentin's grandfather wants to tear down the historic estate Sophie has grown fond of as a sort of grounds cook and care taker. The intertwining relationships feel very natural and well-built. The entire book is written and planned out well. I could not put it down.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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