Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Christian Nonfiction Review: The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel

I read "The Case for Faith" when I was younger and found it lacking in sources, particularly from the opposition. The student edition of "The Case for the Real Jesus" (not to be confused with "The Case for Christ") seems to a better job with this, or perhaps my memory serves me incorrectly. In any case, I appreciated that author Lee Strobel quoted from skeptics in his interviews. I would like to see him interview those skeptics, or get their responses to the answers presented in Strobel's books on the defense of Christianity. But at least the people he interviews have solid credentials and even experience working with the ancient texts that disagree with the Bible.

The contents of "The Case for the Real Jesus" could easily be split up and put into their own full-length books. Strobel deals extensively with support for the Bible's authenticity, for example. Let's see a "Case for the Old and New Testaments" next, eh? Other topics include Jesus' resurrection (dealt with extensively in another Strobel book), whether Christianity copied other religions, whether or not Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament, and Relativism in the modern age.

It's an easy ready (although my e-book review copy had a lot of format issues) and provides plenty of information I hadn't read before, but I would still like to see him do a more extensive treatment of topics like the Gnostic gospels.

*Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

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