Sunday, September 23, 2012

Review: You're Stronger Than You Think by Dr. Les Parrott

Dr. Les Parrott has some great material on moving forward in life. There's no question, "You're Stronger Than You Think You Are" is a motivational, inspirational book. But how strong the book, itself is, how lasting and effective its advice is, that's questionable. It's only practical if you're a hard worker willing to step outside your comfort zone. Parrott will make you think, but it's up to you to go beyond thinking and apply - and that's the hardest step of all, which, as Parrott writes, will take boldness and courage, not to mention faith and trust in God.

Parrott's book hinges on three premises: 1) "In our minds we find power when we clear our heads... and when we think expectantly." 2) "In our hearts we find power when we own our weakness ... and when we feel connected." And 3) "In our souls we find power when we surrender our egos ... and when we take bold risks."

Personally, I took a lot away from Parrott's book, especially the last third of it. I've written notes down in my journal along with personal applications, but there's no telling whether I'll have the strength, discipline, or memory to memorize and apply the lessons. A few things I did take away:

1) Stop worrying and be content. Over thinking doesn't always help.
2) Faith emboldens us with confidence.
3) God works with mud as a potter. That means he meets us in our weaknesses and mold us when we are willing to be malleable.
4) Inaction only breeds doubt and fear. Sometimes risk is needed for our dreams to come true.
5) We need to empty ourselves of the burden of needing to get our own way. That includes our dreams. There is freedom in looking at the big picture and trusting God's plan.
6) We have learned helplessness and need to relearn proactive learned optimism.

While Parrott makes a few points that don't gel well with me, the majority of his advice is solid and worth considering. I highly recommend this book.

**Disclaimer: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review of it.

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